Cerabrid Tumbler
Stainless steel and ceramic hybrid tumbler
Cerabrid Tumbler is a tumbler where you can enjoy the original taste of drinks for a long time. By applying a ceramic coating to the stainless steel vacuum double structure, it does not smell of metal and has excellent heat retention.
It comes in two colors, black and white, with different textures, and finished like a beautiful Japanese glaze.
A distinctive line is consistent in its lineup of functional and different sizes.
Cerabrid Tumblerは、飲み物本来の味を長く楽しむことができるタンブラーです。ステンレスの真空二重構造にセラミックの塗装をすることで金属の匂いを抑え、保温性に優れています。

Product Launch: 2019
Tasks: Product Design
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